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What is video analytics?

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What is video analytics?

Typically a CCTV system records the CCTV Power Adapter Suppliers different activities in a certain establishment. Through this, the data regarding the definite characteristics of people within the establishment are analyzed through a combination of automated and human analysis processes. It combines a range of variables on the people being monitored with their actions in the facilities. Based on what does a business want to actually know or analyze, video analytics can provide multiple sets of information in the relevant manner.

Added security

By proactively monitoring the physical characteristics of people like gender, age, height, etc., as well as their actions and activities within the facility, it can help better the entire security monitoring process of a business. In fact, this can actually analyze several aspects that are unobservable to the human eye and some systems like those can even detect and warn about suspicious or irregular actions to the security personnel. Video analytics also allow helps to organize the evidences in case of any real or suspected breach of security.

Tracking customer preferences and employee activities

Through video analytics the habits of specific customer groups can be constantly monitored. The data of activities like dwell time, shopping preference and many others can be easily be monitored through video analytics. The data so obtained can be used to make decisions regarding how to improve the overall attractiveness of the establishment. In fact, establishments willing to provide privileged services to a certain group of customers can easily provide the same by recognizing them early through automated system. It can also be used to understand what areas within an establishment are more beneficial to focus on and what aren’t.

Multiple data analysis

Through the analysis of several variables, many kinds of useful data can be obtained through the use of video analytics. The same would be tiresome and cumbersome to collect manually. But through this, such data cannot just be effortlessly calculated, but also be easily analyzed. For instance, a business can easily know what age group is frequenting which department through video analytics. In short, it can help a business establishment in many ways by consistently providing highly accurate and beneficial data.

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